Sam (née Samuel Raymond Myles) is a sporadic member of the Couch Kumaras often abandoning projects in favour of a life down in Dunedin. A veteren by all means, his time spent collaborating for the Couch Kumaras places him firmly above Conor in the pecking order.

As sam was unable to manage a 50 word bio about himself, Finn will be filling it in instead. Sam is Finn's older brother, and often referred to as an inferior specimen.

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He has travelled long, through the far reaches of the galaxy, to land on Planet Earth and master the art of Boom operation. Though his mastery comes at a severe cost. To truly be in control of said Boom, he must suffer the darkest pain of inferior human genetics. Only through being ginger, left-handed, flat footed with glasses and Dyspraxia, can he make fair compensation for his awesome prowess, which we are yet to see.

Known for: Losing the Microphone at 2012's V48 Hours Competition, and having to buy a new one.

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My name is Conor Cameron. Sometimes people think I do everything in Couch Kumaras. They'd be wrong. Finn helps with many things. But lets focus on me. I am one of those kind of guys that you don't see around all too often. I have soft hair, that naturally forms a really cool wave. It's a trademark of mine. People see it, before they see me. What they don't realise is that when they see it, they actually are seeing me. Because my hair is a part of me. Without my hair, I'd be bald.

If there was anything I could have you take from this today, it's that world peace isn't possible. But it is possible for me to make some really slick music. I'm a Couch Kumara exclusive.

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He's a ridiculously handsome pathological liar, otherwise referred to as an "Actor". He also likes to tell Finn that he is only a cameraman; just to see the rage build in his heart.

Josh's other skills include: Terrible punctuality (I like to maintain a two or three hour average lateness), the ability to say "What have you got?" like no one else in the Wellington region, and the painful inability to sleep. It is said that he lays awake at night thinking about intrepid movie ideas that would no doubt land all of the Couch Kumaras at the Acacdemy Awards, but he never writes them down.

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Quite frankly I'm sick of all their shit. I can write this in first person, because I am the overlord of Couch Kumaras, and also the creator of this website. No one questions my authority during a film shoot, no one dares offer me any suggestions. I am an arsehole, and a real burden to live with.

It all began in 2008, with nothing but my bare hands and a Canon FS100, I brought Couch Kumaras to life, and so to the seed of success that would be nourished caringly to one day blossom into a beautiful tree of sunshine and happiness for all of us.

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    We're a small film team based in New Zealand, who make outlandish films wherever, and whenever we can. We have been known to frequent film making competitions, and are always looking for inspiration for future projects.


    When not working on our own projects, we hire our services to those who need it, like the rounin of old. Whether it be Commercial video, a Web series for YouTube, or a personal short film, we can help.


    If it's not work you're looking for, but rather equipment, we can help there as well. Our arsenal is constantly expanding, with enough gear to see your project through, and at an extremely affordable price.

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